Charli vom Kleinenberg ~ Retired

Charli vom Kleinenberg ~ Retired

  • Sex: Female
  • Owner: Highlander Bluff German Shepherds

Charli is a lively black and tan female of medium build and huge working drives.  She is highly intelligent and willing to work with super temperament and strong nerves, open to other people and animals. Her tracking and obedience are very good and her protection work demonstrates strong stable aggression. Hunt drive is strong. Her excellent working genetics will produce pups suited for the experienced handlers of LE, SAR, Sport dogs to family needs. 

Charli's pedigree linebreeding; K - litter vom Peko Haus (Karla - Karlo) 4-4.  Ork vom Wolfendobel 5-5

Charli's excellent mother Helga is a WUSV competitor, 12 x SchH3 and a producer of several litters of good working pups.....not many females out there able to do all this! Medium size, always pronounced fighting drive, super temperament and retrieve drive, often scoreing high in trial throughout her carear in the 3 phases;
2009 World German Shepherd Championship competitor in Germany, 8th place female.
2009 Canadian German Shepherd Championships, 7th place.
2009 Ontario Regional championship, 2nd place, high score in tracking with 100.
2008 Canadian German Shepherd Championships, 8th place.
2006 Schutzhund Estrie trial, 1st place.
2006 Schutzhund Estrie trial high score in obedience, tracking, and protection.
2005 Fundy Regional trial, 1st place, high score in tracking.
Littermates; Holly; OFA Good/Normal, BH;/ Hexe; SG, KKL1, AD, SchH3, IPO3, 2009 Eastern Regional Champion,.
Helma; (Police Quebec) / Hobby; BH.

Charli's sire is Ben von der Eisspitzen, Kkl1, SchH3. Ben is a large powerfull male, with very high drives, and excellent temperament.  Received SchH.1 with High score in tracking and protection, High score in SchH.1 and High score in Trial. Acheived SchH.3 with High score in tracking ,obedience, and protection, High score in SchH.3 and High score in Trial.  Ben's littermates; Billie (female); 4 x WUSV competitor, SchH3, KKL1, Billie won the Western Region  in 2006, 2008, 2009. Billie placed 2nd at the Canadian German Shepherd Championships in 2006. Billie won the Canadian German Shepherd Championship 3 years in a row, 2007, 2008, 2009. Billie also competed in 2008 at the World Masters Tourney winning tracking with 99 Points.;/ Brando OFA Fair/Normal;/ Blazer;